Hydration Spray Bottle LID

Clean off, cool off & drink


Lunatec's Aquabot LID transforms Nalgene and Camelbak wide mouth Tritan plastic bottles into high pressure water bottles with shower, stream and mist.

Do not use Aquabot LIDs with metal, glass or double wall bottles.

Choking Hazard. Not suitable for children under 3 years.


  • 140 grams.
  • Fits Nalgene OTG, OTF and 32oz wide mouth.
  • Fits Camelbak Chute and Eddy tritan hard plastic.
  • BPA free.
  • Has Stealth and Pulse modes.
  • Variable flow trigger.
  • 2 attachment points.
  • Includes lanyard.
  • Shower, stream and mist.
  • Fits Nalgene and Camelbak Tritan wide mouth bottles.
  • Instructional Video
Product Manual


What’s the best way to drink from Aquabot?
Remove the nozzle cap and put the soft nozzle in your mouth and spray.

Should I use pulse or stealth mode?
Use pulse for water fights and cleaning. Use stealth for drinking and misting. You can use either mode for any pattern, but these are recommended.

Can I use liquids besides water?
It should be fine for action margaritas or sports drinks. However, you shouldn’t mist yourself with Gatorade or share your action margarita with minors.

How do I clean it?
Spray warm soapy water through followed by clean water.

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