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The oven for your stove top

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Omnia is the oven on the stove top. You can use Omnia on a gas stove, alcohol stove, electric stove, or electric hotplate. Omnia Oven solves your baking problems with an incredibly light one pound compact solution. Space and weight are at a premium whether you are a camper, boater, or RVer. Other alternatives require more energy and space than Omnia.

Almost every dish you can bake or prepare in an oven can be easily made using Omnia. Try your favorite recipes or one of the many recipes in Omnia's cookbook supplied with your purchase.

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Omnia is imported from Koala Marketing Company in Sweden.
  • Bake pizza, brownies, cakes, breads, casseroles and more on the stove top!
  • Designed to bake on any type of burner.
  • Food has same texture as when baked in a conventional oven.
  • Steam vents in lid ensure that breads and cakes aren't soggy.
  • Holds as much as an 8" square baking pan.
  • Easy to store and use.
  • Nothing to install and a lot cheaper than buying a new stove with an oven!
  • Dimensions: diameter is 25cm x 13cm tall
  • Weight: .5 kg
  • Material: Aluminum baking pot and lid with a treated steel base plate
  • Comes with: Pot, lid, plate, cookbook, and storage bag
  • Manufacturer: Omnia
  • Tips & Tricks: HOW IT WORKS: The burner directly heats the steel base, which in turn heats the air trapped between the base and the baking pan. The burner also heats air that goes up the center of the baking pan and the lid serves to distribute that hot air over the top of the food. Thus, there's hot air both under and above the baking pan -- and in the center. A few air holes in the lid allow steam to escape so that foods bake rather than steam. Your dishes won't be soggy as happens if you try to bake in a Dutch oven or pressure cooker.
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