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Spray Bottles

Product FAQ
• Why is my bottle building pressure, but not spraying?

This is most likely from storing the bottle for long periods of time between uses, especially in hot climates. To fix, pop off the trigger and inspect the pinch tube. The disassembly video below will show you how.

To prevent this from happening, we suggest removing the spring that is under the trigger. You can store the spring loose under the trigger so you don’t misplace it.

• Why is my bottle not building pressure.

There are 2 main causes for this:

  1. The lid oring is missing. Please inspect your lid to ensure the lid oring is in place an not damaged. Refer to the bottle manual for a diagram. If the oring is missing then you can order one from the parts page.
  2. The pump barrel oring is not seated properly. Please inspect this oring and make certain it is tight enough so air will not escape, but not so tight it is deformed.

If you still are having problems then email or call us.

• My bottle leaks sometimes between the nozzle and nozzle cap. How can I fix this?

The nozzle is made from a soft material that creates a seal between it and the nozzle cap. Over time, the soft material can wear and no longer seal. You can order a spare nozzle from the parts page.

Disassembly video

TUBE Extension

Product FAQ
• How can I get more pressure using the tube?

We include 2 nozzles with your tube. One is used in the assembly and the other is a spare. To get more pressure you can take the spare nozzle and make a bigger hole by cutting a circle with a small sharp razor blade. Make your cuts by connecting the 3 small circles. Replace the nozzle in the lid of the spray head with this modified nozzle.