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1000ml hydration spray bottle

Clean off, cool off, drink and more.


Product Overview


We combined the functionality of a garden hose, kitchen faucet and water bottle into a fun and easy-to-use hydration spray bottle. Use the mist, stream and shower modes to keep cool, clean gear and people and stay hydrated.

This bottle is ideal for camping, travel, the beach, athletics, pets, space exploration and more.

Product Specs

Product Specs

  • Mist, stream and shower patterns
  • BPA free
  • Works upside down
  • Variable flow trigger
  • 2 attachment points
  • Has stealth and pulse modes
  • 284 grams | 9.2cm wide x 23.5cm tall


How do I clean my bottle?

Use warm soapy water and spray it through the system and then do the same with fresh water.

Can I use liquids other than water?

In general, yes, but the warranty only applies to water.

Can the bottle be repaired if I break something?

Many of the parts are available on the website along with part kits. We recommend all international customers order a spare parts kit to ship with their bottle because of the high cost of international shipping.

See it to believe it.

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  1. Ian

    Used for about a year now on several bike tours and camping; still going strong and very versatile. Have used it to drink, cook, clean, shower, cool off, get the attention of a fellow biker (squirt gun anyone? 🙂 and the list goes on. Highly recommended.

  2. Zachary Beatty

    Probably my favorite product I have bought online, soon after using, my family caught on on how amazing it was and they got themselves one. It has now become a staple in mine and my families life.

  3. Scott Sweeney

    The Aquabot is one the most useful gadgets that I’ve ever bought for our sailboat. After taking in the mainsail during a squall out in the Atlantic, I couldn’t get the sail to unfurl, as I had a major pinch in the sail. I tried turning the furler with slip jaw pliers to no avail – then I thought of the Aquabot. I filled it with soapy water and sprayed both sides of the furled sail as high up into slot as I could reach. A couple of cycles of furling in and out and the sail deployed – catastrophe averted. We pay 20 cents a gallon for water in the Caribbean, so I use the Aquabot to rinse dishes and wash down sinks in the heads. I’m ordering a second one as a back up.

  4. nplazio

    This product is great. It is well made, easy to use, and works as claimed by the developer. It should last a lifetime. It is a must-have for golfing in hot weather when used as a mister. It instantly cools the skin and doesn’t saturate. The only complaint would be that you must be careful when unscrewing the top. There is an o-ring in the lid that is easily lost, as was my case. That said, it was easy to replace the item at a reasonable cost at unatecgear.com/gear/aquabot-1000ml-water-bottle/. All the parts are listed on this site.

  5. stampnut

    My son loves his water bottle and is certainly drinking more water because of it. However, my review is more about Lunatec’s after sale customer service. I bought 3 bottles as Christmas presents and had a slight problem with one of them so I contacted Lunatec. The customer service I received was exceptional, super fast, very helpful and friendly. Could not rate it more highly.

  6. larrymackey2003

    All of the previous reviews are spot on. This is by far the absolute best water bottle on the market. The versatility and build quality is second to none. I really like how Lunatec has made it super easy to get oem replacement parts for the system. They are so affordable, I just purchased two of everything (better to have and not need than to need and not have right?). I spoke with Nick a few days ago and he was a super nice guy and was very appreciative of the positive feedback. I am really looking forward to see what Lunatec will create in the future. Great job guys, keep it up. Thanks

  7. colibri281124

    Super Super pratique. J’en suis très contente du produit j’ai recommander le même mais en 650 ml. Pour les chaussures, pour le pare brise (avec un peu de moustique ), pour le passage des roues ( avec de la terre ). Vraiment super. Une Bretonne.

  8. cartawien

    I have had my Water bottle for less than a year. Absolutely loved it at first but then the quality of the product started to break down. First it started leaking from the adjustable spray noozle so i took it off and used it without the mist option. At the that point i contacted the less than helpful crew at Lunatec and was told to buy replacement parts. Remember it hasn t been even a year . Am i suppose to buy replacement parts every 9 months? I guess i am. As of right now the bottle barely works. It leaks from the pivot points when you press the trigger Down . I am declaring it dead …….Aug 5 2018 . Didn’t even make it to its first year . How Sad

  9. colibri281124

    Super super il manque plus que le tuyau de comet qui soit disant doit arriver en septembre.

  10. sbiluk

    I have used this product for more than five years. I have MS and during the summer you won’t see me without it! And now with the new additional spray tube I can hook the bottle to my saddle and use the sprayer without having to lift the bottle and having 100% attention on my riding. I also mist my clothing to create evaporative cooling. I love my Aquabot and would not try to substitute it with anything else!!

  11. kerryharrington

    Couldn’t be happier or more impressed with a product. For camping this has cut down tremendously on my water usage. I use it for washing dishes, brushing my teeth, washing hands and even taking a shower. I usually heat water and use a pump for showers but this works very well and so much easier. I even recently put out 2 spot forest fires that were started by lightning near my campsite. Just hauled 2.5 gallons of water to the fire and kept refilling and spraying. I’m amazed that I was able to put out 2 sizable low ground fires with this. I reach for this bottle often and am ordering more as soon as back in stock. I wouldn’t camp without it and highly recommend it.

  12. Jesse Lee

    I’m one of the original backers from when the first model was a kickstarter and have never been disappointed in all the years since.

    I am a very avid outdoorsman, first responder and athlete.
    I enjoy mountain trail hiking, camping, mounted horseback archery, road trips and much more.

    The aquabot offers WAY more power, pressure and reliability than other pump bottle systems I’ve seen at sporting goods stores.

    This has let me take pressure showers ANYWHERE, blast dishes clean, put out campfires, grills, cooldown with the misting spray, and new uses for portable, relatively high pressure water keep coming up.

    Being able to keep clean on the trail is a major challenge most simply go without.

    I’ll keep my portable Aquabot shower, thanks.

    Even when I needed my first maintenance kit in years, the company shipped it immediately, answered questions right away, and I got the parts in a couple days *during the weekend*

    I’ve been burned multiple times in crowdfunding, but I’ve never regretted Aquabot.

    I keep my original branded model with pride

  13. jessiehhuynh

    I cannot believe this hasn’t blown up yet.
    I bought mine from VAT19 and it is a MUST for any outdoors person. Great for camping, hiking and beach trips. I use it for washing dishes, cleaning off dirt and sand off my feet and to cool down. Backpacking wise, it is a little heavy but because its so versatile, for me it’s “worth the weight”. The bottle can also be used as bidet, shower and if I’m with my dog, I just clean his paws before he enters the tent.
    My only complaint is that the nozzle can completely fall off if you don’t screw it in all the way. Other than that, it’s an amazing product. I cannot recommend it enough.

  14. Baruch (verified owner)

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