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portable shower, mist and drink spray lid fits nalgene

Transforms Nalgene bottles into a camp shower, cool mist, camp faucet and hydration bottle.


Product Overview


Amazing functionality in a stylish easy-to-use spray lid. We combined the functionality of a kitchen faucet, garden hose, portable shower and water bottle into one device. The best part is that you are just carrying your water bottle and not lugging around extra gear.

You charge it by pumping the handle to build pressure, rotate the nozzle cap to select the desired spray pattern and press the trigger. To drink, remove the nozzle cap and put your mouth on it like a straw and spray instead of sucking.

It’s the ultimate water bottle for the beach, camping, sports, music festivals, tailgating, picnics, vanlife, boating and RVing. Cool off, clean up, stay hydrated and it’s fun to spray people.

The modular design allows you to add functionality with these accessories: tube extension, bidet, water flosser and bottle strap. Sold separately.

  • Versatile Spray Patterns for cooling, cleaning and drinking.
  • Powerful pressure: 35psi.
  • The lid is compatible with Nalgene 32 and 48 ounce widemouth bottles.
  • Works upside down: Need to reach tight spots? No Problem!
  • Eco-friendly: batteries not required.
  • Adjustable flow trigger lets you control the spray intensity.
  • Multiple attachment points.
Product Specs

Product Specs

  • Weight:  5oz | 135g
  • Width: 3.5in | 8.8cm

See it to believe it.

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