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tube extension

3' extension with mist, stream and shower plus lock on/off.

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Product Overview


Lunatec’s TUBE extension transforms your hydration spray bottle system into a versatile hydration spray bladder. Use it in your backpack, golf bag, baby stroller or mobile kitchen sink. It has the same mist, stream and shower patterns combined with a variable flow trigger that locks on when needed. There’s also a magnet on the bottom that makes it easy to attach the controls for convenient access.

Unlike hydration bladders that require a backpack, Lunatec’s system can work without one.

Product Specs

Product Specs

  • Mist, stream and shower patterns
  • BPA free
  • Variable flow trigger that can lock on
  • Magnet on the bottom for quick attachment
  • 40 grams | 91cm

See it to believe it.


  1. yvonneonlycanada

    Great!! Can use in backpack, looks very convenient! Very want to try! Please ship ASAP!!

  2. larrymackey2003

    Hey guys, great product!! I am really happy with the Aquabot system. Just wanted to know when the hose extension was going to be available for purchase? Thanks

  3. ringosemail

    It’s great that you’re always advertising for it. Only it would be nice if you could order it sometimes

  4. larrymackey2003

    Hey guys, today I just ordered two of the aquabot comet hose extensions and I can’t wait to receive it. If it’s as good as quality as your other products, I know it will be awesome. I will post a review once I receive it and try it out for a week or so. Thanks guys, take care.

  5. firesun07

    Ok, just received my new bottle and hose, says it has the magnet for attaching? Attaching to what? As there is no magnet on the bottle or jacket to hold the hose?.. Waited over 2 years for the reward on KS..

  6. larrymackey2003

    Hey guys, I’m back with a quick review of the hose extensions. I ordered them on 5/24/19 and received them on 5/30/19; packaging was adequate. I took the hoses out the box and noticed the build quality was really good. It did not feel flimsy or cheap. Once I connected the hoses to the aquabot system and charged it, I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked. I really appreciate how you don’t loose any of the various spray options. The trigger locking system is outstanding. It keeps the hose pressurized for when your ready to use it. I really love the long hose because it allows you to use the system without the need to hold it in your hands, perfect for bike riding. The only thing that I see as being a potential issue in my opinion would be the sliding actuator. It slides really easily and due to the elevated finger hold for convenience, it could be accidentally discharge. If there was a way to make it stiffer or placing a lock out on it would help to prevent any unintentional discharges. Other than that, I totally love the new compliment to my aquabot system. If you own an aquabot, you should definitely purchase one and I promise you you’ll love it as much as I do. Once again guys, great job……keep it up!!

  7. usmc551 (verified owner)

    It’s quite convenient to take a bath, no need to hold the bottle!

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