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odor-free dishcloth

They stay odor-free, dry fast and don't require machine washing.



Product Overview


Our dishcloths stay odor-free and have less bacteria than sponges or cotton dishcloths. Plus, food debris easily rinses free. Meaning you don’t need to wash them in a machine. Most importantly, they scrub with purpose to clean dishes, pots, pans, sink, bath tubs and more.

Sponges and cotton dish rags get smelly because they don’t dry. That allows bacteria to grow. Bacteria are what cause the odors. Our dishcloths dry in about 15 minutes preventing the growth of bacteria. Healthier for you, your family and your kitchen.

Product Specs

Product Specs

  • Dries in about 15 minutes
  • Stays odor-free
  • Harbors less bacteria than cotton or sponges
  • Elastic hanging loop
  • 100% nylon
  • 20cm x 20cm


How do I clean my dishcloth?

You can machine wash it or hand wash it. Do not place in dryer.


  1. Arlene Grubb

    This is the best Dishcloth ever, get everything off the dishes and cleans pots and pan. Best part is No Smell.Ar

  2. Mac Madenwald

    These are REALLY great….home, boat, RV, camping. Problem is, they last forever (almost)!

  3. Brad Baker

    One of the best products we have on our boat. Thanks go out to Carolyn at The Boat Galley for recommending.

  4. Amaya Williams

    We have been using Scrubrs for the past 5 years as we bicycle around the world. They dry incredibly quickly and wear very well. They NEVER smell or become slimy and disgusting. An excellent product at an incredibly fair price.

  5. marigot2007

    It is a misnomer to call these washcloths. They are very similar to a piece of nylon netting, but more abrasive, almost a Brillo pad feel. They have no ability to absorb water, like a cotton cloth, so they are ineffective for drying one’s face. I will probably use it to scrub the dishes. I am embarrassed that I bought the 5 pack and gave 3 of them to friends for their trip to Europe.

  6. usaformality

    I’d like to see the comet come in a neutral color, like gray. Great piece of gear, as long as it’s maintained as instructed. See You Tube Video for proper assembly and disassembly instructions.

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